Naming Convensions

Name Element Return Type Description
get{*}Time Method Long
get{*}DateTime Method Date
get{*}TimeSpan Method TimeSpan
{*}ValueWrapper<V> Class inherited class of ValueWrapper Class that wraps the value with just enough information to retrive it again.
{*}ValueManager<K,V> Class inherited class of ValueManager The class which managed the wrapped values.
Default{*} Class Class Default implementation of abstract class or interface.
Abstract{*} Class Class Abstract implementation of class or interface.

Coding Convensions

Do not make constructor hell:
There should not be every permutation of the parameters as an constructor,
there shall be one with all the parameters and only a selected few with default parameters.
Coders has to take a position on how the object is constructed.
Refactor a lot
Keep javadoc up to date.
Make heavy use of generics.